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Afterlife Activities and Announcements


Supporting Sonia Rinaldi in ITC

AREI researchers are working with Sonia Rinaldi to replicate her successful ITC experiments. Sonia is a Brazilian ITC researcher who is recording the voices of people in spirit speaking clearly .. Read More


Making Michael Roll’s Website Available

Michael Roll, of Bristol, England, heads The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom, an organization dedicated to altering humankind’s entire belief system about the survival of consciousness through mathematical equations, physical experiments, .. Read More


Organizing Afterlife Conferences

The AREI founders developed and coordinated two afterlife conferences for an organization, assembling speakers on the afterlife and afterlife communications from around the world. The Life in the Afterlife conference .. Read More

Meeting Of Bible Study Group

Developing the Afterlife Curriculum

AREI is identifying curriculum materials, books, radio interviews, videos, and other resources to provide an online university with clear, accurate explanations of the nature of reality, humankind’s place in eternity, .. Read More


Developing Mediumship Abilities

AREI knows there are many mental, physical, direct-voice, and trance mediums in the general population who have not been discovered and nurtured. Developing medium abilities requires time, patience, and the .. Read More


iDigitalMedium Exploring ITC Methods

AREI affiliate iDigitalMedium, founded by Keith Clark, is testing and evaluating Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) methods. Keith has developed a forum for researchers to describe the methods of ITC afterlife communication .. Read More


Publishing Afterlife Studies Books

AREI’s Greater Reality Publications publishes books in the afterlife and afterlife communication for writers. The books then may go on to be published by major publishing houses. AREI does not .. Read More