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AREI Newsletter ~ February 2018

Hello Everyone,
We are very excited about our upcoming 2018 Afterlife Institute Symposium coming up in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, September 14 – 16, 2018!
We’ve added another spectacular, 90-Minute “Mediums Rare” event featuring Jamie Clark, Camber Wilson, Mark Nelson, and Tina Powers! Reunions with people and pets on the other side is a powerful way to heal, connect, grow and transform your relationships!
Coming soon, you can set up your private reading with one of the above pictured Mediums. These mediums are handpicked by our Director of Mediumship Development, one of the world’s top evidential mediums, Susanne Wilson, MA. We’ll provide this information soon, so do check back on the website to see our updates!
Our Own Craig Hogan Presents A Powerful
3-Part Video Series About Experiential Reality!
Enjoy this 3-part series from our own Dr. Craig Hogan!
Craig Hogan, President of AREI, has produced three videos in a series explaining that we live in an experiential reality. There is no physical world. There is only mind and experiences.
Please take some time with these videos, click the “thumbs up” button and leave your comments and questions for Craig under each video!
Special Announcement from Roberta Grimes on Her Retirement From AREI!
To my dear friends on the AREI Board and to the members of this wonderful organization, it is with regret that I tender my resignation from the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, effective as of February 1, 2018. I can no longer give to AREI the attention this work deserves. Best wishes to AREI and to all its members for a glorious future as the truth begins to dawn over all the world!
We wish Roberta the very best as she focuses on her books and writing. She is deeply missed!
AREI Zoom Meetings: More Popular Than Ever!
Open to all AREI Members!
Check back each week for updates on topics and guests here.
You can also watch archived events here too.
Please let us know of your experiences in these groups.
Here’s a rave review we recently received
from Louisa Livingstone (Spain):
“Thanks for the meeting Sunday 10am London time, that I just attended. As ever it was lovely to meet up with like minds,
When I started out looking for information and evidence of life after death, almost a lifetime ago, in London and Kent in UK, everything I found out was very hard work and hard earned. I had to travel a lot to many different places to see different people and mediums, and there was no internet, only a few rare books. The weekly circles I sat in and classes I went to often involved travel of at least an hour each way, often in dreadful weathers. I think many people maybe don’t realise how lucky we are to have here in AREI online, access to the ‘creme de la creme’ of mediumship information as well as the whole spectrum of research and info re life after death,…”
Give the Gift of Love on this Valentine’s Day!
Our focus this year at the 2018 Afterlife Institute Symposium is on making lifelong connections with our loved ones in heaven!
Be sure to register for our upcoming 2018 Afterlife Institute Symposium, September 14 – 16, at the magnificent Doubletree Resort in Scottsdale!
Our symposium is the largest, most comprehensive gathering of experts in the world!
Make private appointments with world renowned mediums, learn the latest in scientific discoveries proving our eternal connection and know that you will always have direct access to your loved ones and pets in Spirit. We are eternal and love never dies!
Check out our lineup and plan for a magical weekend of aha moments, opportunities to heal from grief, connection with those you love who are no longer on this earth-plane, create understanding and make new life-long friendships.
We are your Tribe! Join us for this life-changing
weekend and Give the Gift of Love!
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