Past, current, and future AREI projects

Publishing Information and Assistance

AREI is dedicated to helping the afterlife researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners accomplish their work and disseminate it. One of the primary ways of disseminating the work is by publishing books. Many of the [...]


Soliciting Funding for Researchers, Developers, Educators, and Practitioners

The Ultimate Goal: Peace on Earth For humankind to live in peace, love, and joy, there must be a change in deep-seated values and motivations. People must become more loving, compassionate, and other centered. But [...]


Developing and Translating Websites for Afterlife Workers

AREI helps afterlife researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners by producing or translating websites at no charge to the individuals. Our members have developed websites for Guided Afterlife Connections psychotherapists, have retrieved and reinstated the website [...]


AREI Translates ITC Pioneer Hans Otto König’s Book into English and German

AREI member Evelyn Meuren, Lake Garda, Italy, is translating Hans Otto König’s book, Nouvelles de couvertes sur l’au delà: Une recerche scientifche sur le contacts avec l’invisible Experiences de Transcommunication Instrumentale (TCI) translated New Discoveries [...]