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How to Publish Your Own Book Safely & Profitably ~ Sunday, March 25

AREI Members! The regular announcement about AREI activities will go out on Saturday, March 24. In it you will find the link to the Sunday, March 25, online Zoom meeting on how to publish your own book safely and profitably. Look for it.

Joining AREI

AREI expects 2017/2018 to be a pivotal period in humankind’s understanding of the other realms of life and advancements in communication with people living there. Experts in the afterlife realm are publishing brilliant expositions of the world we all will soon be living in. Many methods of communicating with people in the afterlife realm are being used successfully today, and more are being developed regularly. In the near future, afterlife communication will be commonplace.

AREI was founded to provide assistance and resources to the people involved in afterlife research, education, development, and exploration to help them refine the methods of afterlife communication they are using, develop new methods, discover insights about the afterlife, and teach people about the afterlife and how to have successful, satisfying afterlife communications. The advancements in knowledge coming from AREI’s efforts will be disseminated to members through workshops, conferences, newsletters, blogs, talk radio, forums, and journals.

We encourage professionals in afterlife research, education, development, and exploration to join AREI so we can support your work and help you disseminate it. We encourage all people interested in knowing about the other realms of life and communicating with loved ones living there to become involved so you can help humankind advance during this watershed year and increase your knowledge of the afterlife and how to communicate with the people living there.

To inspire as many people as we can to join in this important work, during the 2017/2018 period the $39 dues to join AREI will be reduced to $25.