Publishing Information and Assistance

AREI is dedicated to helping the afterlife researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners accomplish their work and disseminate it. One of the primary ways of disseminating the work is by publishing books. Many of the workers who have written books are now self-publishing. AREI has published a dozen books for authors, including all the steps of the publishing process from writing and translating through producing the printed editions and Kindle electronic publications. The AREI staff and members with experience want to help AREI members who are considering publishing their books with all stages of the writing and publication process.

Sunday, March 25 Zoom Online Meeting on Publishing

AREI will hold an online meeting on Sunday, March 25, at 4 p.m. Eastern time. All AREI members are invited. The title of the meeting is “DO YOU WANT TO PUBLISH A BOOK BUT DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START?” Craig Hogan will moderate a panel of experts with the latest information on this hot topic!

The panel will include the following AREI officers and members:

  • Susanne Wilson will talk about global publishing scams and red flags to look for before paying thousands of dollars
  • Craig Hogan will take you through the steps of publishing your own book for free with Amazon CreateSpace
  • Mary Holden will talk about changes in the global publishing industry
  • Joe Higgins will talk about his experiences publishing with major publishers and self publishing
  • Susan Barnes will present updated information on the costs/benefits of publishing with leading organisations.

The discussion will go for 90 minutes and will be videoed.

Please join us 10 minutes before starting time: If you have not used Zoom before, the system will install Zoom automatically and get you started. Use a Web camera if possible so participants can see you.

Self-Publishing Checklist

A writer named Mike Fishbein has produced a freely available Acrobat document titled “The Ultimate Amazon Self-Publishing Checklist” that AREI recommends (from You may download a copy from this link: Download

Link to Createspace

The easiest, cheapest, most foolproof way of publishing books, CDs, and DVDs today is through use of Createspace, a company that has a special arrangement with You can upload your book in an Acrobat format to Createspace for no cost. Createspace will prepare the book for publication and submit it to You collect up to 70% of the selling price of the book and have no obligation to Createspace, no fees involved, and complete ownership of the book. You just have the royalties appear in your bank account. Link to Createspace.  AREI will help you use this service.