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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization teaching people about the survival of consciousness and supporting the afterlife researchers and educators whose groundbreaking discoveries and developments are changing humankind.
Current educational projects are explained in the pages of this website that follow.

AREI has published the results of its five-years of research to identify the most compelling evidence of life after death. The result is the report published in the book Best Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt You Will Never Die (Greater Reality Publications, October 31, 2021).

The evidence focuses narrowly on verified evidence from reliable sources that people whose bodies have died have communicated to people on earth who knew them well. The only evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that humans survive bodily death is communication from people whose bodies have died that is received and understood by individuals still on earth who certify without doubt that the communication is from the person they knew.

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You Can Connect with Your Loved Ones Living in the Afterlife

You can communicate with your loved ones in the afterlife. They are available and anxious to communicate with you. There are 16 proven methods people are using with great success today. One method is 98% successful. We invite you to look at the methods to see which ones will be suitable to you. Included are links to lists of qualified mediums.

We also invite you to ask us questions you have about the afterlife or afterlife communication.

How to Connect with Loved Ones in Spirit
Ask Questions about Afterlife Communication

Four Books Explaining Who We Are in Eternity

Four books by R. Craig Hogan, PhD, president of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., together explain what we know today about the nature of reality, our purpose in this life, and what happens when we leave this life. The books contain explanations of these six important truths:

  1. Your Mind is not produced by or contained in your brain. Your Mind doesn’t need a body or a brain.
  2. Your Mind is an individual manifestation of the Universal Mind all people are part of—we are all one Mind.
  3. Our one Universal Mind creates the world we live in
  4. Our Individual Minds continue to live after the body ceases to function.
  5. There is nothing but Mind and experiences. We experience the world, but the world does not exist outside of our Minds and experiences.
  6. We have a purpose in Earth School and can live in love, joy, and peace while we fulfill our purpose.

The publisher is Greater Reality Publications, a subsidiary of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc. 

Answers to Life’s Enduring Questions: From Science Discoveries and Afterlife Messages is an easy-to-read summary of the contents of the other three books, meant for people who want the perspectives, but not the detailed explanations and evidence.

Available on Amazon

Your Eternal Self: Science Discovers the Afterlife, developed and updated from the book Your Eternal Self, contains the evidence your mind is not in your brain, we are one mind, and you continue to live after the body dies.

Available on Amazon

There Is Nothing but Mind and Experiences explains that the basis of reality is mind. We have experiences in our minds. In this book, you will learn why we know that is true and what that means for your life in Earth School.

Available on Amazon

Reasons for What  Happens in Your Life & Your Afterlife: From Speakers in the Afterlife explains what happens to a person through the major stages: deciding to enter Earth School, learning to succeed in Earth School, growing in love, compassion, and understanding, and living in the life after the Earth School life.

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You are an eternal being.
You can examine the evidence.

Ask Questions about Afterlife Communication
Watch a Video of Ordinary People in Afterlife Communication

Psychotherapist-Guided Afterlife Connections

Grief therapy is acknowledged to be ineffective in having an impact on the person’s grief. However, three forms of grief therapy are dramatically effective in reducing grief and teaching the client about the nature of life in the next life and their place in eternity. The three are helping clients have afterlife communication for the people they love who have transitioned to the next life.

Jane Bissler, PhD

Loving Hearts Connections

The psychoanalyst conducts sessions using free online video-conferencing. They last for approximately 90 minutes. After the psychotherapist performs the procedure, she teaches participants how to use it on their own to continue having connections. The procedure is based on scientific research and known psychotherapeutic methods. The first test on the protocol showed that 17 of 18 participants had successful personal connections that they testified were very real and heartfelt to them.

More on the Procedure
Training for Psychotherapists

Rochelle Wright, MA

Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy

The method helps clients communicate with loved ones for whom they are grieving. The psychotherapist uses bilateral stimulation to help the client enter a state in which afterlife communications occur. It is successful with 98% of the clients who experience it, and the clients’ grief reduces from high scores of 10 and 10 plus plus plus on a 10-point score for the disturbance of thoughts about the deceased loved one to 0, 1, or 2 in a single session.

More on the Procedure
Training for Psychotherapists

Allan Botkin, PsyD

Induced After-Death Communication

This procedure uses eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) to bring the client into a state of mind to have the afterlife connection. It requires a state psychotherapy license and EMDR certification. Success in the early studies was 70% of clients having an afterlife connection. Success in one more recent study was 75% of clients.

More on the Procedure
Training for Psychotherapists

AREI YouTube Videos

You Will Never Die ~ Evidence from Instrumental Transcommunication

People living in the next life are communicating to loved ones living on earth using recordings, television, and radio.  This video presents the recordings by two of the primary researchers in the field. The clear, articulate voices are proof you will never die.

You Will Never Die ~ Evidence from Materialization Mediumship

This video is the second of 15 videos containing the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that you will never die. It contains recordings of three people who materialized in seances and spoke to people who knew them.

You Will Never Die ~ Evidence from Direct Voice

This video is the first of 15 videos containing the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that you will never die. It contains recordings of three people whose bodies are dead, but they are very much alive.

The Brain Is Superfluous

The mind functions without the brain, so the brain is just part of the scenery of the Earth realm. People do fine with no brain. This video provides the proof that people function perfectly well with little or no brain. That results in the conclusion that brain is superfluous.

AREI’s Mission

The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., (AREI) was founded to help change humankind to be move loving and compassionate by supporting the researchers and educators who are enabling people to communicate with loved ones in the afterlife.

Proof of the Afterlife from Eyewitness Accounts

We now have proof of the afterlife from voice and image recordings of people living there, evidential descriptions from people who have learned to communicate with the afterlife. This contains the audio and video of the proof.

Abortion: A Spiritual Understanding that Is Not Religious

The spiritual beings we are cannot be harmed by ending the development of a fetus. This video explains how understanding who we are spiritually can end the discord and violence over abortion.

There Is No Veil

Humankind has been endeavoring to lift the veil between this world and the next, believing the veil now is impenetrable and is keeping us from communicating with loved ones living there. However, there is no veil. There never was a veil.

The Mind Is Not in the Brain

Even though society today teaches that the mind is in the brain and memories are stored in the brain, the evidence shows the mind is not created by the brain, is not housed in the brain, and does not use the brain to function in the material realm.

How to Record Voices of People in the Afterlife

In this video, Sheri walks you through the steps necessary to set up your computer to record EVPs. Sheri believes that it is possible for anyone who is coming from a place of sincerity to record voices using the same method she is using, which is based on Sonia Rinaldi’s work.

There Is Nothing but Mind and Experiences

 This video explains why we know there is nothing but mind and experiences. We are creating the earth realm, so we can make this plane of life loving and compassionate, without suffering and disease. We just have to create it to be what we want it to be.

Afterlife Research and Education AREI Supports

AREI is committed to sharing the most up-to-date research in afterlife studies and news – in topics such as afterlife communication, transition, the new spirituality, and afterlife studies. Explore topics below, and check back regularly for updates!

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About Voices Across the Veil

Voices Across The Veil sessions are small group sessions of 6-10 people with experienced, reliable mediums, lasting about 1 hour* and are conducted online via video conference. The online sessions allow participants to gain firsthand experience in a small, private, group setting. Each session is priced at a modest fee to compensate the mediums and our moderators for their time and effort as well as cover a small part of our operational costs.

Learn About Voices Across the Veil

Greater Reality Publications

An AREI Publishing Company

Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt You Will Never Die

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

This book contains the compelling evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that you will live on after your body dies. It includes transcripts of people speaking from the life after this life and links to the audio recordings so you can listen yourself. It includes additional accounts of afterlife communication that are compelling because they reveal the person in spirit is alive.

Reasons for What Happens to You In Your Life and Your Afterlife

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

This book contains 570 citations, most of which are statements from people living in the life after this life, telling us the reasons for what happens to us in our life and our afterlife. This book explains why we have chosen the life we are living, what our purpose is in this life, how we can live in love, peace, and joy, what happens at the transition from this life, and what life is like in the realm we all enter after leaving earth.

Your Eternal Self: Science Discovers the Afterlife

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

Read this book with an open mind and you will be convinced by the scientific evidence of the life after this life. This book challenges the assumptions most of us learned as we grew up. If you follow the evidence keeping an open mind, you will come to the same conclusion a vast body of scientists, philosophers, theologians, researchers, and other scholars have come to today: we are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience.

There Is Nothing but Mind and Experiences

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

Everything in the physical world is made out of atoms. Atoms are made out of energy. And energy is made out of consciousness. This book shows what reality is made of, how we participate in creating this reality, and how we can create a reality full of love, peace, and joy. Matter and energy do not create Mind. Mind creates matter and energy.

Answers to Life’s Enduring Questions: From Science Discoveries and Afterlife Messages

R. Craig Hogan

This book is an easy-to-read summary of the contents of the other three books, meant for people who want the perspectives, but not the detailed explanations and evidence. It also adds some information from new discoveries not in the original three books.

Listen! New Discoveries about the Afterlife: Scientific Research on Contact with the Invisible. Experiences of Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC)

Anna Maria Wauters and Hans Otto König

Hans Otto König has learned from his communications that the entities living in the other realms are at higher levels of being: the 5th through 7th levels. These Spirit Beings have been in contact with König throughout his research. This book in English contains samples of the communication.

Hoere zu! Akustische Vermittlungen aus anderen Seins-Ebenen: Die Geschichte einer wissenschaftlichen Forschung uber die geistige Natur des Menschen (German Edition)

Anna Maria Wauters and Hans Otto König

Hans Otto König has learned from his communications that the entities living in the other realms are at higher levels of being: the 5th through 7th levels. These Spirit Beings have been in contact with König throughout his research. This book in German contains samples of the communication.

A Day in the Life of a Psychic Medium

Suzanne Walsh

Suzanne Walsh, psychic medium describes her personal lifestyle and perspectives on living as a psychic medium.

New Developments in Afterlife Communication

Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies

The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies 38th annual conference had 21 researchers, developers, and practitioners describe new methods of afterlife communication they have originated, are using, or are teaching. This book contains their papers.

Aspects of Consciousness: Proceedings of the 40th Annual ASCS Conference

Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies

This book contains the proceedings of the June 2015 40th annual conference of The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies. The Academy’s mission is to discern, develop and disseminate knowledge leading to an increase in the understanding of all aspects of human consciousness: its existence, survival, and environmental interaction.

Afterlife Communication: 16 Proven Methods, 85 True Accounts

R. Craig Hogan, PhD, Editor

Contains descriptions of methods people are using today to communicate with loved ones who have passed away. The authors are acknowledged experts in afterlife communications who developed the methods, are using them, and are teaching people how to use them. The book contains actual accounts of people’s connections.

Afterlife Resources from AREI

R. Craig Hogan, PhD, Editor

This book contains the names and contact information for individuals and organizations associated with AREI in 2017 that are available as resources about afterlife communication, end-of-this-life activities, and the new spirituality.

Hitching a Ride: A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You

Ellie Pechet, MEd

The book helps people understand the spiritual realms that surround our tiny patch of reality, and the unseen inhabitants of those realms who interact with us. It contains real stories of how Ellie communicates with earthbound spirits and guides them to the light, resulting in a healing for both client and spirit.

The Fun of Dying: Find Out What Really Happens Next!

Roberta Grimes

Roberta lays out the facts about what happens after the body dies in simple and understandable terms for people who are just beginning to explore what is known about the afterlife. She includes an annotated bibliography of some seventy books organized by topic.

Your Eternal Self

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

Describes carefully controlled, scientific research done by biologists, physicists, neuroscientists, physicians, psychologists, Nobel laureates, and other renowned scientists showing that the mind is outside of the brain, people see and know things they couldn’t know if the mind were in the brain, the afterlife is as real as this life, people’s minds are united, and our consciousness actually changes the environment in which we live.

Repair & Reattachment Grief Counseling

Rochelle Wright, MA, and R. Craig Hogan, PhD

The life-changing Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy sessions greatly reduce grief and the impact of traumatic memories. Rochelle Wright, M.S., LMHC, CDP, NCC, has developed the protocol that enables clients to work through their grief and have a possible connection with the other side. The connections happen in 98 percent of the sessions.

A Falling Star

Bonnie Crosier

For five years, Olivia was unable to communicate with her husband or caregivers because of her illness. Bonnie Crosier started working with Olivia. Bonnie has the gift of telepathy and eventually, she could understand Olivia’s thoughts. Bonnie helped Olivia express her hopes and fears. This powerful experience took them on an unexpected journey, and along the way, they both found the courage to explore difficult issues and trust in their faith.

Points of Who

Suzanne Walsh

Novel about  a woman’s spiritual quest to survive, surpass and find herself. It is a wry commentary set in the eighties, a road trip literally and figuratively, as Elsie navigates her way through love, self-help, violence, happy housewives, druggies, native medicine, and psychiatrists. Not to mention blues musicians, psychics and children.

Messages from President R. Craig Hogan PhD

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

Follow Your Bliss in Earth School

This is an exciting time in humankind’s history. You chose to incarnate in Earth School now to experience and learn from the changes. Don’t let this perfectly chosen time on Earth flow by without actively engaging in the new world that is emerging. This life is what you wanted to happen!

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2019, the Year of Action for AREI

We are engaged in a dozen important research and development activities that will make headlines and help change humankind. You can be involved as you have the time, energy, and resources. We need whatever you can offer within your capabilities and limits.

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AREI’s Leading Role in the Consciousness Revolution

AREI’s support for afterlife and afterlife communication researchers and educators is playing a leading role in the consciousness revolution. Humanity is coming to realize our consciousness is eternal, not destined to die with the body. And scientists and philosophers are coming to realize that consciousness is the basic source of all matter, energy, and forces.

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The Hindu god Shiva is portrayed standing on the back of an Asur demon called Apasmara, representing ignorance. Shiva stands on Apasmara to keep the demon from overwhelming humanity with ignorance. But Shiva knows not to kill Apasmara, because there must be a balance of knowledge and ignorance in the world. The message is that we live in a world full of ignorance, but we are allowed to learn the secrets life. We are not intended to be ignorant. All we must do is avail ourselves of the knowledge freely given to us. The searching, learning, and discovering we involve ourselves in are the plan for our lives.

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AREI Conferences, Symposiums, and Summits

AREI sponsors annual conferences, symposiums, and summits to bring together acknowledged experts in the field of afterlife studies, afterlife communication, end-of-this life activities, and the new spirituality. Links to the archives of conferences and the upcoming 2019 Soul Summit follow:

New Developments in Afterlife Communication
Afterlife Research and Education Conference
Afterlife Research and Education Conference
Afterlife Research and Education Conference
Soul Summit

Zoom Online Presentations and Discussions

AREI members and visitors are invited to participate in the variety of online presentations and discussions occurring daily. Wendy Zammit and Karyn Jarvie have developed a remarkable set of Zoom-group offerings we invite you to take advantage of.

  • Mediumship Development with Dr. Susan Barnes
  • Global Gathering Every Sunday.
  • Spiritualism Today
  • Dream Circle with Kim Parker
  • Army 4 Love
  • Online Zoom Physical Mediumship Circle
  • Sharing and Practice Sessions for Developing Mediums
  • Automatic Writing and Mediumship Discussion
  • Safe Space Sharing Group
  • GOSH: Gatherings over Strange Happenings
  • Spirit Art
  • Pet Communication Group
  • Afterlife Book Club
  • Exercises to Expand Consciousness
  • Len La Scolea Journey of the Soul Discussion Group
  • Trance Healing
Learn about the Zoom groups

Facebook Groups

Social media today reach vast numbers of people. AREI makes use of social media to teach people, especially young people, the uplifting truth that they will never die, love lives forever, and they can live their lives in harmony. These are the current Facebook groups:

Learn about the Facebook Groups

President Craig Hogan’s Address to the Torino, Italy, Marcello Bacci Conference

The Afterlife Research and Education Institute, in collaboration with Italian associations “ArtInMovimento,” Torino, and “IF,” Como, held a conference for the benefit of the well-known former ITC explorer Marcello Bacci, at the Congress Hall of Cascina Marchesa, Torino-Italy on April 6, 2019.
The title was Your Inner Self: Utopia, Institution, and Science. Topics of this conference were Spiritual Care for the Dying, The Power and Potency of Music, Empathic Relationships, and Reliability between Soul and Mind. Speakers were Craig Hogan, Daniela Muggia, Giovanni Occhipinti, Margherita De Palmas, Maurizio Scarpa, Vigilio Maule, Imma Lucà (IF president), Donatella Bardesano, Cesare Zanoni, and ArtInMovimento president, Annunziato Gentiluomo.
Bacci, of Gosseto, Italy, is an unassuming, humble man who was given the gift of being able to connect people with their loved ones in the afterlife through an ordinary tube radio. Bacci began to dial in spirit voices through his vacuum tube radio in the 1960s. Since then, he has brought through thousands of people in the afterlife to converse with their loved ones who come to his modest home hoping to make the connection. Today, Bacci is totally retired because of severe illness and living in impoverished conditions. We are asking people who understand the groundbreaking work he was doing to help him now.
View Craig Hogan’s address to the Torino conference:

More about Bacci and How to Donate

Get Answers to Your Questions

AREI’s mission is to help humankind learn we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, we can communicate assuredly with loved ones in the next realm of life, there is no need to fear the normal life transition called death, and we should live together in peace, love, and joy. To achieve that mission, we are making available resources that will answer your questions about the afterlife, your loved ones living there, how to communicate with them, and what you can expect at your transition. AREI offers many avenues to explore the afterlife – you can ask us a question, join a community group, explore our research, or even join us at our 2019 Soul Summit!

Victor and Wendy Zammit’s
Friday Newsletter

Victor and Wendy Zammit’s newsletter, published each Thursday night, contains up-to-the-minute announcements about the afterlife and fascinating articles from the history of afterlife studies. Subscribe to the newsletter:

Online Physical Mediumship Experimental Group

The Zoom physical mediumship circle meets online. Each member darkens the room in his or her home or office and we all join together in singing to raise the vibration. That is the protocol physical mediumship circles follow when meeting in a physical location. We invite anyone to join in to see what happens for you and the circle. We anticipate that these online circles may help physical and trance mediums emerge so the online circle produces phenomena or the mediums can form their own circles in their location.

The circle meetings are available to members. We invite you to join. We have downloads of the session recordings for circle members to listen to and watch. The videos are at this link: Zoom circle recordings.

Online Physical Mediumship Group


Sonia Rinaldi, the pioneering ITC researcher from Brazil, continues to make breakthroughs in afterlife communication through instrumental transcommunication. You can learn more about Sonia’s work by clicking on the link below. Support Sonia’s work on Patreon at the “Patreon” button below.