H.O. König and A. M. Wauters Give Private Sessions

Hans Otto König and Anna M. Wauters are available to give private sessions in Antwerp, Belgium, to connect people with their loved ones in spirit. They either use their electronic equipment or go into trance to make the connection. These individual sessions are always held in Antwerp and in the presence of the relatives themselves.

In the personal coaching sessions, their method and approach depend on the person. The session can be quite different from one person to another. They see what the person’s spirit is like and what he or she needs to decide what to provide during the session.

Anna Maria specializes in healing. She gives private healing sessions (in person as well as from a distance). It is not unusual for healing sessions to be given during the coaching sessions.
A personal contact is always required in their way of working. To contact the couple, please write an email to
Antwerpen- Belgium