Join One or More of Eight Special Interest Groups

AREI has established seven special interest groups to encourage afterlife researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners to network and share insights. The special interest groups will meet at the 2017 Afterlife Communication Symposium to discuss the state of the art in their fields. AREI will send out special announcements with information relevant to the special interest groups. AREI will establish other groups when there is interest in organizing them.

The seven current groups are

  • Hypnotists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Instrumental TransCommunicators
  • Mediums and Medium Mentors or Trainers
  • Grief Support Group Organizers
  • End-of-Life Support Workers
  • The New Spirituality Workers
  • Media

To join a group, fill out the following form. In the “Question or comment” blank, tell us the groups you are interested in and anything you would like to add. We will keep you informed about the groups’ activities. When your text disappears, that means your information has been sent.

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