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Free Training to Record Afterlife Voices

Sheri  Perl Offers EVP Free Training

Rev. Sheri Perl has become adept at recording the voices of people in the afterlife speaking to people on this side of life, especially children speaking to their parents. She wants to make the remarkable tool available to all people, so she has developed training materials anyone can use to learn how to do the recordings. The equipment required is common devices everyone has around already and software that is free.

She writes, “For those of you who don’t fully understand what Electronic Voice Phenomenon is, it is using electronics to make audible the messages from those in spirit.

“It’s not rocket science. Our part is very simple. We play sound and we record sound. What makes this phenomenal is that our loved ones come and do something we have no idea how to do: they use thought to change the sound we provide into words that we can hear and understand! When we play back the recordings we have made, through slow and careful examination, we are able to find those messages.

In the training, you will find the links to my EVP slide show, in both Powerpoint and Keynote formats. You will need to download the slide show to your computer for viewing in either Powerpoint or Keynote, so, if you do not have either of those programs on your computer, that is something you need to look into.

The slide show provides step by step instructions on what you need to do in order to configure your computer to record the messages, referred to as EVPs. The slides display the directions by the use of a split screen with instructions for Windows on the left hand side and instructions for Mac on the right.”

Link to Sheri’s training . . .