Who This Institute Is For

Who We Serve

AREI serves both professionals in afterlife communications, and the general public.

The Institute provides conferences, workshops, and educational materials to help anyone in the general public learn about the afterlife and afterlife communication. It also provides resources, networking, and funding for afterlife communication researchers, developers, and educators. Our goal is to have everyone be able to communicate with loved ones on the next plane of life to establish and enjoy new, comforting relationships that will last for the rest of their time living on two different planes.

For Researchers, Developers & Educators:

  • The Institute will locate and make available needed resources for your work, especially funding for research, development, and education projects.
  • The Institute will provide networking opportunities, meetings, and conferences so you can benefit from one another’s knowledge and findings.
  • It will disseminate your advancements in afterlife communication methods through newsletters, journals, and books.

For the General Public:

  • You may become involved in understanding the afterlife to the extent you are interested. You will be part of this organization comprising both people like yourself seeking to know more about the afterlife and afterlife communication and the experts at the forefront of research, development, and education in the afterlife and afterlife communication.
  • The Institute will hold conferences and workshops where you can learn afterlife communication methods and hear about new findings in afterlife studies and afterlife communications.
  • You will receive our support for your own circles, Meetup groups, support groups, and other local discussion, learning, and spiritual growth groups.
  • You will receive the Institute’s electronic publications that will describe results of the afterlife research and opportunities for you to become involved as volunteers in research and development projects.
  • You will have opportunities to communicate with the researchers, developers, and educators about the cutting-edge, successful methods being used for afterlife communication and how you can use them yourself.
  • If you counsel people who have experienced recent deaths or imminent deaths, care for people in the process of dying, or hold support-group meetings, the Institute will help you learn about the dying process, what will happen after the transition, what to say to people to help them, and how to help people communicate with loved ones on the other side of life.