Evidence Area 5: Appearances by People Whose Bodies Have Died

Many records exist of people whose bodies have died appearing and communicating with people living on the earth plane. They have all the body and voice characteristics of the deceased person, and they communicate with fluency about commonly held memories. Following are three examples of spontaneous materializations from reliable sources.

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Describes Her Experience

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was an internationally renowned physician, author, speaker, and expert on death and dying. She was one of Time magazine’s hundred most important thinkers of the 20th century, and her 1997 book, On Death and Dying, was one of New York Public Library’s Books of the Century. She received twenty honorary degrees for her achievements and published twenty books on death and dying. She was also included on the International Biographical Centre’s list of the foremost women of the twentieth century. In her renowned 1991 book, On Life After Death, Dr. Kübler-Ross described a visitation in a physical form by someone who had passed away two years earlier.

The text she wrote follows. A narration of the text is presented for you to follow along.

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Dr. Raymond Moody

Dr. Raymond Moody Describes His Experience

Dr. Raymond A. Moody is a philosopher, psychologist, physician, and author. He is the author of Life after Life, which uses the term “near-death experience” for the first time. He is widely respected, of sound mind, and not given to hallucinations. Dr. Moody had an experience in which his deceased grandmother materialized, had a lengthy conversation with him, and calmly left. The text he wrote about what happened follows. A narration is available for you to listen to as you read along.

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J. B. Phillips

J. B. Phillips Describes His Experience

J. B. Phillips was an English Bible translator, author, and ordained Anglican priest responsible for the Phillips Translation of the New Testament. Phillips was an esteemed scholar with no history of hallucinations or mental illness. Phillips was suffering from a life-threatening depression. He refused to leave his room, would not eat, and would not exercise. He had begun to doubt God’s love for him. The renowned author C. S. Lewis appeared to him before Phillips was aware Lewis had transitioned. His account of what happened from his book, Ring of Truth, follows. A narration is available if you would like to follow along as you read.

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