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Banquets: Very Special Evenings

Be sure to add the Banquet Events to your registration. We have planned two very special evenings of fun and entertainment, plus delicious sit-down dinners.

The following banquets are on Friday and Saturday nights. The banquets are available as “optional add-ons” when you register. Your banquet fee covers only the cost of your meal plus service and tax, $89. There is no cost to you for the entertainment. Cheers!

Or purchase a One-Day Pass which includes all sessions and the Banquet on the day that you choose, Friday or Saturday!

Touched by an Angel

  • After this uplifting and joyful gala event, you will have a better idea of how your angels are communicating with you
  • Ann will deliver a channeled message from the Angels
  • Roving Angels will provide you the opportunity to choose an Angel Message Card at random
  • You will experience the transformative power of pure love. People have reported pain – both physical & emotional – spontaneously going away from Ann’s healing gaze, even miracles!
  • Award winning musician Robin Miller will raise your vibration to absorb the healing messages from the Angels with his extraordinary music and Debbie Johnstone, Animal Communicator will share how the Angels assist pets and us as their owners throughout our lifetimes and more!
Ann and Debbie will share amazing true accounts of angels at work in our daily lives, so that you can realize a closer relationship with your angels! Angels are always with us, usually working behind the scenes ~ learn to connect with them and “hear” what they have for you!

Sometimes angels enter our lives for a brief time as a person or pet. Miracles, big and small, are a sign of the angels’ love for us and our openness to accept their help.

Ann will also deliver a special message, from the angels, and her healing gaze, to the group as a whole.

“Ann’s healing gaze has a similar effect as Braco’s gaze. Debbie has received messages, for my friends and family, from their pets. And I listen to Robin’s music to transport my soul…Wow! What a night this will be.” -Susanne Wilson

Music by Robin Miller

Ann Albers is an International Angel Communicator, Author, Spiritual Instructor, & Modern Mystic. Ann’s passion is to teach others to tap into the power and beauty of their souls, and learn to connect with the love and wisdom of their angels. In addition to her many books and CDs, Ann publishes a popular weekly newsletter called “Messages from Ann and The Angels” with subscribers worldwide.

Debbie Johnstone is a world renowned and highly sought animal communicator, spiritual teacher, and mystic. Debbie works with animals on an intuitive level, tuning in to their energy. She is able to communicate with all species of animals whether they are presently in physical form or spirit form, and has found that sometimes our pets are “angels in disguise.”

Robin Miller is a performing artist  composer, and songwriter.  He has recorded albums with various artists for labels such as A&M, MCA, and RCA. Robin received the prestigious Arizona Entertainment Award for New Age Artist of the Year. His performances have included network television programs and tours with Ann Albers, Sylvia Browne, and James Van Praagh.

“Robin’s music comes directly from the angels.” -Sylvia Browne

Awards Night and “Come As You Were” Banquet

George Noory, Master of Ceremonies

Come dressed as you were in a past life, or how you were earlier in this life! Enjoy a delicious dinner with friends and a fast-paced awards ceremony, filled with surprises.

  • This special banquet event features the incomparable George Noory, host of the nationally syndicated program, Coast to Coast AM, heard by millions of listeners on 620 stations world-wide!
  • George and his senior producer Tom Danheiser promise a high-style, unforgettable Hollywood production event!
  • Come dressed as you were in a past life, or how you were earlier in this life! Prizes will be awarded for the best costume ~ what will you wear?
  • Prepare to be dazzled by this unforgettable banquet gala!

The Aries Awards are AREI’s version of the Academy Awards Oscars.

George Noory and his producer Tom Danheiser are providing an authentic awards-night vibe to this special evening that promises to be unforgettable.

Each year, the Afterlife Research and Education Institute will recognize select individuals for their outstanding contributions to humankind by presenting them with an Aries Award.

The AREI Aries Awards are intended to recognize Earthly warriors of love and light who assist in accomplishing the AREI mission that will ultimately benefit the Earth and humankind.

There are numerous versions of the story of the Greek God Aries. However, all accounts share one common theme: Aries was a lover and a warrior who stood firmly on the Earth working shoulder-to-shoulder with people. Astrology informs us that those born under the Aries sign are natural leaders, each in his or her unique way. Aries are passionate about the initiation of new ideas. They are tenacious in seeking progress and shining light upon truth, wherever it is discovered.

AREI recognizes that each of you, our members, is a warrior for love and light. We want to thank all of you for your acts of compassion and generosity. You shine your light, brightening the corner where you are.