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Small Groups are the Engines that Will Evolve a Changed Humankind

AREI knows that for humankind to learn to live together in love, peace, and joy, individuals must become more loving, tolerant, and compassionate. That requires interpersonal experiences as people learn about themselves and life. Small groups will provide the interpersonal experiences and learning.

AREI has a small-group initiative that is encouraging the development of small groups that meet in physical locations or meet online in Zoom groups. Some groups have special interests, such as grief support, instrumental transcommunication, physical mediumship, mental mediumship, book discussions, and other such interests. Other groups meet regularly for the camaraderie as they share and discuss random topics about this life and the life after this life.

Our Zoom meeting room hosts group discussions – please check the calendar or explore the groups below to find a group or discussion that interests you

Success of the Groups

The groups are very successful. To date, the following groups have formed, with over 250 participants. The groups have the following interests:

  • Animals and the afterlife
  • Mediumship and automatic writing
  • Spirit art
  • Physical mediumship development circles
  • Learn to record EVP
  • Meditation and intuition development
  • Maintain a connection with a soul-mate
  • Australia/Europe gathering
  • Weekly global gathering sharing developments from Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA

Opportunities for Growth with Funding

The groups will help people learn and have experiences that will be life changing for them. AREI will encourage the development of groups, support the groups with educational materials, and network the groups to allow them to learn from each other. The primary need funding will satisfy is to promote and advertise the groups so more groups are established and people join the groups.

Zoom Groups

AREI is holding regular Zoom online meetings. A Zoom meeting allows participants to participate in meetings from wherever the individuals or groups are in the world. Live video images of the participants show on the screen, and they can participate in discussions, hear speakers, ask questions, and otherwise perform group activities without having to come together at a location. Please check the calendar to find a meeting that interests you.

Facebook Groups

Afterlife Research and Education Discussion

Victor and Wendy Zammit, Susanne Wilson and Marcus Lang

An open public Facebook group where people interested in the mission of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute can network, share their current work and discuss ways we can work collaboratively to achieve AREI’s goals. | Visit Group

People attending the AREI Symposium in Scottsdale Arizona 2018

Wendy Zammit and Karyn Jarvie

A closed group for people to get to meet others who will be attending the Symposium, network, share rides and information and keep in touch afterwards. | Visit Group

We Don’t Die Listeners Group

Sandra Champlain

A group is for We Don’t Die Radio Show listeners to have a safe place to meet new friends and discuss topics related to the afterlife, help with grief and ways to live powerful, inspired lives! | Visit Group