Evidence Area 4: Instrumental Transcommunication

Instrumental transcommunication (ITC) uses technology to record voices or images of people now alive whose bodies have died. With the advent of recording technology, voices and images began to be recorded. ITC presents convincing evidence that consciousness survives the death of the body.  There are two reasons the audio and video recordings researchers are acquiring demonstrate that people whose bodies have died are living in the next realm of life:

  1. The recordings are consistently a dialogue. People in spirit answer questions and make relevant responses.
  2. The researchers ask to speak to specific people and those people respond with statements that identify them. The speakers identify themselves as the people who have left the body behind and are now living in the next realm of life.

Sonia Rinaldi

Researcher Sonia Rinaldi

The most active, groundbreaking ITC researcher in the world today is Sonia Rinaldi of Brazil. Rinaldi creates new methods that continually improve voice and image recordings. The speakers converse with her and show awareness of what she is doing. She has done readings for as many as 163 parents in a month, recording as many as 200 messages in a session. Parents recognize the voices and images as their children, showing that the children are alive now, long after their bodies have died. She does her work for free.

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Sheri Perl

Researcher Sheri Perl

Sheri Perl is a researcher and minister to parents whose children have transitioned from the earth. She developed the Prayer Registry for the parents. At an Afterlife Research and Education Institute conference, Sheri learned Sonia’s method and began using it to record voices of children in spirit to give to the parents. Sheri also does her work for free.

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