Jane Bissler


Loving Heart Connections Have Been Shown to Help People Communicate with Loved ones

Ohio state-licensed psychotherapist Jane Bissler has developed a procedure called Loving Heart Connections that people can experience online with a psychotherapist to successfully have an afterlife connection. The sessions are private, use free online video-conferencing, and last for approximately 90 minutes. After the psychotherapist performs the procedure, she teaches participants how to use it on their own to continue having connections.

The procedure is based on scientific research and known psychotherapeutic methods that provide a channel through which afterlife communication is directly experienced. The two other procedures used by psychotherapists are based on the same principles as Loving Heart Connections.

The first test on the protocol showed that 17 of 18 participants had successful personal connections that they testified were very real and heartfelt to them.

A woman had a Loving Hearts Connection session in which she communicated with her son who transitioned at age 12. She had the experience on her own with her eyes closed. She then explained it to the psychotherapist. She has graciously permitted me to put it into this book.

There was a light.  I think William appeared shortly after that.  He looked so good. He was wearing a yellow Adidas t-shirt.  Then William showed me this big pink flower, and it was so weird it was like the flower was alive.  It was so fresh and moist. It was like the flower could breathe.  There was a lake and lily pads with more flowers and William said, “Lotus Land.”  He said the flower was a lotus. I never would have known this. Then off a bit to the left there was this amazing show of colors; it was Aurora Borealis.  It was not like the Aurora Borealis we have here in Alberta.  This was like Aurora Borealis cranked up like you have never seen! It was mind blowing and magical. The colors were like I could go in the colors.

William said he liked where he was. He missed and loved me.  He asked if I could come there.  He said there is every kind of ice cream there that you can imagine, even cherry chunks in vanilla which was his favorite.  He said our dog Hershey cannot yet see him in spirit.

Then he took me down a road.  It was like I was with him. I could see every pebble.  He took me to an old covered wagon.  There was a man sitting on the little wagon bench. He was older, had grey hair and a beard and was wearing one of those hats like they wear in the Australian outback. He was slim and had on a white shirt and brown pants with suspenders.  He did not say anything to me or acknowledge me.  The wagon I could see in such detail that I could see where the cloth of the covered part attached to the wagon part. I could see some loose threads.  The wagon was being pulled by two enormous beautiful black Clydesdale horses.  They were magnificent. I looked directly into their eyes and they looked back at me like they were an inch from my face.  I could feel their breath and the softness of their nostrils.  They had white fur on their legs down near their hooves. I could see the fur so clearly like little bits of dirt in the fur.  It was so clear. I cannot describe how clear this was it was just so amazing.

I think at this point I had almost forgot I was sitting in a chair. I was so engrossed in my surroundings. William said he liked riding in the back of the wagon.  Then at that point I could feel William was leaving. He said he would see me later and he loved me.

You can learn more about the procedure at www.clearingyoursoul.com/loving-heart-connections/.