Montague Keen

Montague Keen Speaks to Sitters Who Know Him in a Seance

Montague Keen was a member of the Society for Psychical Research for 55 years. He was principal investigator of the Scole Experimental Group.

On April, 16, 2004, five months after his transition, Monty spoke for 20 minutes to a group of sitters in a David Thompson seance, including Sandra and Robin Foy from the Scole Experimental Group and afterlife researcher Guy Lyon Playfair. He referred to the Enfield Poltergeist investigation that he had been involved in with Guy, and gave the number of the house at the center of the investigation which Guy had kept secret.

Transcript of Montague Keen in Spirit Speaking to a Group at a Seance


Monty: Hello.

Sitters: Hello.

Monty: Can you hear me?

Sitters: Yes, we can!

Monty: Am I speaking clearly?

Sitters: Yes, you are!

Monty: Oh, good. You know who it is, don’t you?

Robin Foy: Monty.

Monty: Of course, it’s Monty.


Monty: Are you here, Guy? (Guy Lyon Playfair- fellow researcher).

Guy: Yes, I’m over here

Monty: Oh, good, good. I’m so glad that . . . that you’re able to be here with the rest of them.

John Samson: Well. Me, too.

Monty: Yes, and . . . is that you, Sandra?

Sandra Foy: Yes, it is!

Monty: Oh, they [managed to get you here]

Sandra: Yes, they did. Yes.

Monty: [indistinct comment – fantastic?]

Sandra: It’s wonderful to hear you, Monty.

Monty: Does my voice sound clear?

Sandra: It does. Very good. You’ve mastered it very well.

Sitters: Yes. Very good.

Monty: Well. It . . . it’s taken me a little bit of time.

Robin Foy: That’s right, Monty. Yes.

Monty: There can be very little time . . . to, to, to . . . get it just right.

Sitters: Yes. Yes.

Monty: Now. I have a few things . . . that I . . . that I want to say.

Sitters: Yes. OK.

Monty:. . . to you all. . . First of all, to Guy.

Guy: Hmm.

Monty: It’s not like Enfield, is it.

Guy: Not yet, no . . . but I’m sure you’ll do your best.

Monty: You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Guy: Indeed. Yes.

Monty: It’s nothing like Enfield.

John: Well . . . I’m glad to hear that. [chuckle]

Monty: Do you know . . . I . . . I’ve investigated . . . since I’ve been over here . . .regarding Enfield . . . Greenstreet. I’ve investigated . . .

Monty: Can you hear me?

Guy: Yeah.

Monty: and . . . I have to say . . . that you was right in your assumptions . . . that it was the young girl, Janet . . .

Guy: Hmm.

Monty: It was her pituary gland . . . coming into sexual awareness . . . puberty . . .that was creating the phenomena.

Guy: Yes . . . it did coincide with her, her blood.

Monty: Well. I can tell you that that’s what it was.

John: Hmm.

Monty: And, and, and, Guy. I understand that you’re going to talk at my . . . at my urm . . . Day of Memory.

Guy: Yes. Indeed.

Monty: It seems so silly to say a Day of memory . . .

(general laughter)

Monty: . . . when I still here, doesn’t it!

Sitters: That’s right, Monty. Yes.

Monty: Yes . . . now . . . I understand that you’re going to be talking . . . about . . .my last work.

Guy: Well, I was going to but I realise that you did another one, since the one we did.

Monty: Well, yes. Yes. I . . .

Guy: You did more than I could keep up with. I mean . . .

Monty: [indistinct comment] . . . I started to get as much flack . . . from er . . .some of our . . . members . . . regarding this young man’s seance, as much as I did, for The Scole Experiment.

Sitters: Yes, indeed.

Guy: Same people, I guess. Probably.

Monty: Yes. You know who they are. But I don’t wish to mention them on tape, especially if it’s going to be played publicly . . . No, I don’t want to libel myself, do I!

(general laughter)

Monty: You know . . . once they realize I’m still alive . . . they, they could well be, well . . . if he’s still alive, we can still sue him!

(general laughter)

Monty: Tell me, Guy . . .

Guy: Yes.

Monty: . . . has Randi taken off the one million offer?

Guy: I haven’t heard anything about that.

Monty: Well, he won’t. I can tell you that. He won’t.


Monty: Yes . . . There’s someone else who’s going to come through and speak to you, Guy.

Guy: Oh.

Monty: Later on.

Guy: Oh.

Monty: And er . . . someone quite unexpected.

Sitters: Hmm. Interesting.

Monty: Yes . . . someone who you won’t . . . expect . . . at all.

Guy: Yes. Oh, right!

Monty: Would you like me . . . to tell you . . . something about them?

Sitters: Yes . . . please do.

Monty: Yes, well . . . Guy.

Guy: Hmm.

Monty: You know that you’re an Associate Member of The Borley Society, don’t you?

Guy: Yes.

Monty: Yes. Well . . . it’s someone connected with that.

Sitters: Oh, hmm.

Guy: Somebody, er . . .

Monty: Wait and see. You’ve always been impatient.

Guy: Erm. Yes.

Monty: How . . . how is your [indistinct comment] You’ve just published a new book, haven’t you?

Guy: Yes.

Monty: Er, now. That’s with that mister . . . mister, mister Geller, isn’t it?

Guy: Yes, er . . . Well, er . . . that was way back, er.

Monty: Oh.

Guy: My last one was, er . . .

Monty: I’m out of touch.

Guy: . . . the one that you very kindly reviewed in the journal. You wrote a very nice review of it . . . and now I’m working on a new one.

Monty: Oh! The Twin Souls.

Guy: Yes, that’s right. Yes.

Monty: Yes. Yes. The Twin Souls. That was a remarkable piece of work . . .remarkable piece of work.

Guy: Yes. You wrote a very nice piece about it which I was most grateful for.

Monty: Well, of course. Being such a remarkable piece of work. I was more than happy to put my name to it.

Guy: Well. Thank you.

Monty: It was my pleasure. I should imagine that you never thought that you’d be speaking to me. You and . . . and Robin, and Sandra, from the other side of life.

Sitters: Absolutely.

Monty: Well. Let me tell you all . . . that it’s a little different to what I expected.

Robin: Yes. I thought it might be.

Monty: But it’s still as . . . glorious . . . that’s the only way to . . . to, to, to term it.

Robin: Indeed. Yes.

Monty: Yes. Glorious!

John: Yes.

Monty: Now. Guy. Does Greenstreet make any sense to you?

Guy: Certainly.

Monty: Yes. Well, er . . . I don’t want to give anything away. But I just wanted to tell you that . . . the number 284.

Guy: That’s right.

Monty: Yes. Well, I would know, wouldn’t I?


Guy: You didn’t ever go there at the time of the activity, did you?

Monty: Well. You know. You kept it a secret in your book, didn’t you.

Guy: I kept the address secret.

Monty: Yes, of course. But, of course, I knew.


Guy: Alright. Well, I’ll let that pass. You certainly got the address right, and er . . .

Monty: Now. Yes, yes, yes, yes . . . Robin and Sandra.

Robin: Yes, Monty.

Monty: You . . . you will sit still, won’t you?

Sandra and Robin: Yes. We will.

Monty: Because I’m going to come over to you.

Sandra and Robin: Oh, lovely. OK.

Monty: Now. Do sit as still as you can and I’ll try and touch you.

Sandra: Yes.

Monty: Wait a moment.

Robin: Lovely.

Sandra: Can you come in closer?

Monty: Well, of course, because I’m materialised, my dear.

Robin: Jolly good.

Monty: Have you been in touch with Veronica?

Sandra: Yes.

Robin: Yes, we have.

Monty: Well. Please send my love to her. I’m sure that she’ll hear this at my, er . . .let’s let’s say my day of . . . of reckoning.

(general laughter)

Monty: . . . because there’ll be people there . . . that, er . . . didn’t necessarily believe in my work.

Robin: Of course.

Monty: But, of course, if I’m here and I’m speaking, then it must be me, mustn’t it.

Robin: Absolutely.

Monty: Erm. Yes. Well. Let me see if I can touch you.

Robin: Argh. On my left shoulder. Thank you, Monty. Patting me on my left shoulder. He’s holding my hand. He’s shaking my right hand.

Another Sitter: And I can feel it because I’ve got both my hands on Robin’s right hand.

Robin: That’s wonderful. Yes.

Monty: Let’s not get too emotional, my friend. I know that you are.

Sitter: Yes

Monty: And how are you, my dear?

Sandra: I’m fine, thank you, Monty. Lovely to see you. He’s holding my hand and . . it’s so warm and . . . lovely.

Monty: Well, of course it is. [indistinct comment]

Sandra: Have you had a reunion with anybody over there?

Monty: With your people, my dear. Of course. Yes.

Sandra: Lovely.

Monty: Wait one moment. I’m so very stiff.

Guy: [?] There’s a hand just down to my left side there.

Sandra: Yes. Oh. He’s going in my pocket for something.

Sitters: Yes. Oh!

Sandra: Shall I help you?

Monty: No, my dear. You don’t mind, do you.

Sandra: Not at all.


Sandra: Seeing as you’re dead, it’s quite safe!


Monty: Don’t you mind if I take this pocket knife back, do you?

(general laughter)

Monty: Well, of course, it’s not a pocket knife. it’s a crystal!

Sandra: Yes. Do you remember where it came from?

Monty: Of course, I remember where it came from. It came from the Scole Experiments.

Sandra: Yes.

Sitter: Is that right?

Sandra: Partly.

Monty: Now, my dear. I would like to take this back with me, if I may.

Sandra: Certainly.

Sitter: Very welcome.

Monty: Would you mind?

Sandra: No. You’re welcome.

Monty: Unless, of course, it’s got sentimental value to you.

Sandra: Well, it has. But you’re quite welcome to have it.

Monty: Well, I wouldn’t want to take it. Shall we leave it in the safe keeping of Guy?

Sandra: Yes.

Monty: Guy . . . I’m going to place it in your top pocket. Now sit still, my friend.

Guy: I’ve got an harmonica in my top pocket.

Monty: Yes. Well, I’ll place it next to it. Don’t be frightened, will you.

Guy: No.

Monty: You shouldn’t be after what you experienced in Enfield.


Guy: OK. Great.

Monty: Now. I’m going to shake your hand. Would you sit still and I’ll take your hand.

Guy: Right. Right hand. Well. Thank you.

Sitter: What’s happening?

Guy: We’re shaking hands. Vigorously. Thanks, Monty.

Monty: You always did have quite a limp handshake, didn’t you!

(general laughter)

Guy: Well, er . . . that’s a matter of opinion.

Monty: I don’t mean it detrimental, of course I don’t.


Monty:Now. I think that it would be a good time to say a few words to my friends that have gathered here, today. It isn’t for you, my friends.

Sandra: Yes.

Monty: This is for the people at my Day of Reckoning, I [indistinct comment].

Monty: My friends. Well, here you all are gathered together in my name. You’ve all come from different parts of the country and some from abroad. And, I should imagine that the last thing that you expected was for me to be speaking to you from beyond the grave. Well. It is that, that I am doing. Today’s date is the 16th of May, 2004, and we have gathered together in the very same room that I passed to this different stage of existence. There are some of you here, that were there on my day of passing. I would like to beg your forgiveness if you suffered any stress at my account. Of course, I had no stress. I quickly passed from one state of being to another. At this seance that is being conducted for me to be able to talk to you, this day. I have gathered some people close to me to witness this communication.

I have brought Guy Lyon Playfair [at first mispronounced] and Robin and Sandra Foy. Please say hello, my friends, so that they know that you’re here.

Sitters: Hello.

Guy: This is Guy here. Yes.

Robin: Yes. This is Robin, here.

Monty: Yes. Now. I’m sure that you can hear them, my friends. So they can bear witness to this communication that is taking place. Now. There are some people here today that, although they were my friends, they did not necessarily agree with my work and my philosophies. But let me tell you this, my friends. The day that comes when you pass from this vibration you will see without any doubts and I have seen, myself that the human soul exists after the demise of the physical body. I would say, also, that those amongst you, who may be of a skeptical mind, to open your minds greater to the concept of the continuity of the human soul outside of that of the normal realms of understanding. There are many forms of manifestation of the spirit dimension that takes place. There is many manifestations that occur without the knowledge of you, as you sit within this room, for communication to take place within this seance that I am speaking within now.

I have had many joyful years, and to my dear Veronica, I thank you for being my companion, my friend, and my grounding. You, my dear, meant more to me than you could know. Yes, we had some good times, and yes, sometimes not as good. But, of course . . . we were together. And don’t, my dear, let anybody tell you any different. It is me and nobody else.

Now, my friends, I would beseech you, to open up your minds and your hearts to that which you don’t always know or see, and look more earnestly at the possibility of the continuity of life. I cannot stipulate, any more. I, through my experimentation, by the kind permission of Robin and Sandra Foy and the Solomons, was able to be party to the Scole Experiment.

There are many people, some amongst you, who did not believe in what took place. Well, my friends, I experienced it from the earth side of life, as I have been now privileged to experience and meet those on the spirit side of life that were in connection with the Scole Experiment.

As well with this young man, and the [Haymist] Circle. I was fortunate enough, prior to my passing, to be able to come and visit the [Haymist] Circle at this very same venue that I am at, this afternoon. And I was able to witness manifestation, not the same but on an equal level, of that of the Scole Experiment; albeit different types of manifestation but all of the same level.

And my friends, I will tell you this, that quite often, people that give of themselves are ridiculed for what they do and what they believe. And I myself, even at times, dismissed and ridiculed – not necessarily ridiculed – dismissed certain people for what they believed was to be right. But let me tell you this. I, myself, reflected a great deal, when I passed to the world of spirit and I found that it was quite amazing really – quite amazing – yes,

quite amazing!

I will leave you with these words, my friends that are gathered here today. God speed, and always be of open mind.

And to my dearest, dearest Veronica, I love you from the bottom of my heart. From the spirit side of life, my love goes on. God bless you, my dear. And my friends, good afternoon, and have a pleasant day.

Sitters: Thank you.

Monty: Now. Now that’s over with, that’s, that’s, that’s much better, isn’t it. (general agreement and laughter)

Sitter: Can I just ask a question?

Monty: Yes, please do.

Sitter: You know, what’s Guy’s surname?

Monty: Guy’s surname!

Sitter: Yes.

Monty: Why do you ask me that?

Sitter: Because I think I’ve got it different to what you said. So I think that would be good evidence.

Sitter: Guy. What’s you surname?

Monty: It’s . . . Guy please tell him.

Guy: Um . . . Guy Lyon Playfair.

Monty: And what did I say?

Guy: Er . . .

Monty: Guy Lyon Playfair . . . listen to the tape.

Sitter: OK

Monty: Well, what did you think it was?

Sitter: No. I could remember if he was “ford” or “fair”.

Sandra: It did sound different, to me.

Sitter: That’s why I was just asking.

Another Sitter: I thought you said, Guy Lyon Playfoot.

Monty: I said Playford.

Sitters: Playford. Yeah. Erm. Playford.

Sitter: And that’s right, is it?

Guy: No. It’s Playfair.

Monty: Let me spell it! Just to . . . just to make sure that you all know. G U Y is Guy.

Sitter: Yeah

Monty: Lyon is L Y O N.

Sitter: Yeah

Monty: Playfair is P L . . . A I R . . . oh, excuse me, my mind. P L A Y . . . F A I R.

Sitter: That’s right.

Monty: Guy Lyon Playfair.

Sitter Thank you. That’s it.

Monty: Well, my friends. Unfortunately, I have to go. I’m starting to . . . dematerialise. My voice is starting to become slightly tender.

Sandra: Can I quickly ask you something?

Monty: Of course, my dear.

Sandra: Would you like me to tell Veronica, I’ve spoken to you, today, or to leave it until the day of the memorial.

Monty: Well, I’ll let you all decide between yourselves.

Sandra: OK. Alright.

Guy: Will you help Veronica find the apports from Scole.

Monty: Well. I’ll try, yes. At the moment, she’s still very emotional.

Sitters: Yes. Yes.

Sitter: And Monty.

Monty: Yes.

Sitter: Who . . . who is the tape to be directed to?

Monty: Well, I’ll leave you to discuss that amongst yourselves after the seance. I don’t want to waste any more . . . more time, you see, and er . . . Guy?

Guy: Erm . . . right

Monty: Telepathy does occur.

Guy: I know.

Monty: And give my regards to Mr Geller, won’t you.

Guy: Yes, I will.


Monty: Good afternoon.

Sitters: Good afternoon, Monty. Bye, bye. Thank you.