Self-Guided Afterlife Connections Registration Form

Please complete this registration form and click the “Submit” button to send it to the Afterlife Research and Education Institute.

IMPORTANT: Your information will be kept in strict confidence. The only purpose is to keep contact with you during the training. No one other than Craig will see the information.

We’re very happy to have you help us explore self-guided afterlife connections and refine the procedure. As with anything involving mental processes, there is a small chance that you have a repressed memory or a psychological condition that might come to the surface that would distress you. We would help you find someone to work with you on it. By submitting this registration form, you agree that the Center for Spiritual Understanding isn’t responsible for something that happens like that, and you would not take action against the Center for Spiritual Understanding or its officers for anything that happened. The Center can’t guarantee you will have a connection, but we sincerely hope you do.

For you to have the most likely connection that will be rewarding and comfortable for you, we want you to agree to the following.

Fill in your name and email address if you agree with all of these. You will be directed to the training.