Sonia Rinaldi, the renowned Brazilian ITC researcher, has been communicating with people in the afterlife using recording equipment since 2001. During 2016, she has been performing experiments in an effort to communicate with the consciousness of people still alive on the earth plane who have physical disabilities that keep them from communicating using normal modes. The person’s consciousness apart from the body is normal and able to communicate clearly. She has communicated successfully with the normal consciousness of a non-verbal autistic girl, an Alzheimer’s patient, a person with senile dementia, and a person with no physical disabilities while the person was sleeping. Sonia has 20 physicians and nurses engaged in the research within hospitals.

The account of the first a successful attempt to communicate with a person unable to communicate normally due to physical limitations is available for downloading. The description of the case follows:’

An 11-year-old girl named Malu was diagnosed as non-verbal autistic. Sonia intended to communicate with her mind while Malu was asleep through the use of Instrumental TransCommunication. The communication would go through the same Brazilian Transmitting Station Sonia had been using to successfully communicate with people who had passed away. The result of the experiment was that she was able to communicate with Malu’s mind while she was asleep.

A brief segment from the ITC interviews Sonia has done with Malu follows. You will hear Sonia’s adult voice in Portuguese. The other voice is the child’s. The recordings are clear, and the child, who is unable to communicate in her normal state, communicates clearly when her mind is engaged in the conversation and her body is sleeping.

14 Sonia: – “Can you can talk to aunt Sonia?”

Malu: – “I came there!”

Sonia: – “Você pode falar com a tia Sonia?

Malu: -“Eu venho aí!”

15 Malu: – “I say: mom and you are arriving!”

Sonia: -“Are you aside those people…so beautiful?”

Malu: -“Eu falo está chegando mãe e você!”

Sonia: – “Você está do lado destas pessoas tão bonitas?”

16 Malu: – “I am standing! I am incarnate!”

Comment: very important confirmation that she is alive.

Malu: -“Tô em pé, tô encarnada!”

17 Malu: – “I will make contact with you!”

Malu: -“Vou te fazer contato!”