Evidence Area 7: Self-Guided Afterlife Connections

In the Self-Guided Afterlife Connections Procedure, the individual goes through eight stages of training in how to self-hypnotize. The first two stages explain the need for confidence that the afterlife is a reality and that their loved ones are available to communicate. The third takes them into a hypnotic state through a guided meditation. In this stage, participants learn to allow unfoldments to occur in their minds without trying to inhibit them or manipulate what happens. The next four stages guide increasingly independent self-inductions. After the last stage, the participant is able to perform self-hypnosis and have a connection with a loved one in the life after this life at any time, without aids such as a narration or music.

The result is that 86 percent of participants who complete the training confirm having successful connections, which contain many validations that participants are communicating with loved ones.

Example 1

A Woman Learns Something Unusual During Her Self-Guided Afterlife Connections Session

A woman had already connected with her mother when the scene changed. She saw a young girl. What she learned from the young girl convinced her of the afterlife connection. A narration of what she wrote is available for you to listen to as you read.

Link to Narration

Example 2

A Woman Talked with Her Deceased Uncle During Her Self-Guided Afterlife Connections Session

A woman connected with her uncle who took her on a tour of the areas of a farm she knew as she was growing up. He showed her something that gave her information about features on the farm she didn’t know until he told her during her afterlife connection. A narration of the text is available if you would like to listen as you read.

Link to Narration