Sonia Rinaldi, M.S.

Sonia’s Latest Work in E-Magazines

Sonia is a Brazilian ITC researcher who is recording the voices of people in spirit speaking clearly to people on this side of life. She communicates with a team of researchers, engineers, and scientists in another realm at what they call the Brazilian Station using a clearly defined procedure. The recordings are crystal clear. In one month, Sonia has connected as many as 163 parents with their children in the afterlife realm. Each session has contained up to 200 answers to questions the parents ask their children.

Sonia has also communicated with the minds of people alive on the earth plane but unable to communicate, such as a nonverbal autistic child and person with ALS. In addition, she has communicated with the consciousness of an unborn child. You can read about sonia’s work at this link: Sonia’s work.

Sonia is making the e-magazines of her latest work available to AREI members. They are available on Kindle for $3.99 apiece. The e-magazines are available free to AREI members:

E-mag 1: One Symposium and Many Phenomena

Recorded in Phoenix, September, 2017. This first e-magazine produced by IPATI (Advanced Research Institute of Instrumental Transcommunication – in Brazil) shows the various cases which happened during and after the end of the AREI´s Symposium, September/Phoenix-Arizona. Surprising voices communication and deceased identification. This e-mag includes 17 audio-clips

E-mag 2: Transcommunication via Zoom

It describes the conversation among 3 ITC researches: one speaking from Brazil (Sonia Rinaldi) and two from New York (Sherri Perl and Karyn Jarvie). WE made tests of recording live and Sheri’s son Daniel and Karyn’s daughter Emma registered replies. We also made tests of transimages. The e-mag includes the audio clips ad transimages registered.

E-mag 3: Tesla is Back

By the end of 2016 we were informed through voices recorded, that the great inventor Nikola Tesla announced to be in the Team in the Other Side, working in the Transmission Station to Earth. Since then, the Voices recorded via Instrumental Transcommunication had gotten high quality. An unexpected development has unfolded since that. Audios of Tesla himself are in this e-magazine.

E-mag 4: The Transmission Station

In this 4th. e-magazine we try to know a little about the Other Side. Our friend, Brazilian resident in France, Bia, has elaborated two dozen questions, which can teach us a lot. Doubts like “if they have days and months”, “how and where is the place they live”, if they get sick”, “if the future is predetermined”, etc.
We have recorded 56 intriguing answers that reveal a great deal about the life in the Other Side.

E-mag 5: About “Their” Technology

This e-mag shows in 81 pages the recent technique used by the researcher Sonia Rinaldi to get transimages. Also shows evidences of a surprising new phenomenon, which indicates the possible use of wormholes for the transference of data between the spiritual world and Earth.
The e-book includes more then 20 paranormal videos showing deceased apparitions live, as registered in Rinaldi´s Lab. Nikola Tesla manifests in voice and his 22 audio transcontacts are also included to be listened by the reader.

E-mag 6: New Inventions, New Results

It shows the apparition live of “orbs”, as well as new devices in test are shown, such as the acrilic pyramid – and the concerned results. There happened in those recordings many deceased apparitions.
One in special is of the little boy Brandon, who died at the age of 12 in San Diego.
In February/18 also I tested to record voice outside my lab (in a Farm) and the paranormal voices registered by the deceased Marlene were of astonishing quality. 73 replies were witnessed (live) by the family. Another important event was my second recording with a living person. In this experiment I recorded with Ana Castro, Brazilian engineer who lives in Houston (Texas) and she spoke while sleeping in USA) in an out of the body experience to the Transmission Station.

E-mag 7: Case Aleks

This e-magazine shows the astonishing transcontacts that a mom from California (USA) made to her deceased son, Aleksander. Aleks died at the age of 19. This was possible due to the technology proposed by the ITC researcher Sonia Rinaldi: she and Katarina connected via zoom and the son participated of the talking through transcontacts.
Surprising transimages happened in both places (São Paulo an Sacramento).
not only of the son spoke but Katarina’s deceased father as well. The e-mag contain hundred audio-files to be listened by the readers and the videos showing the phenomenon happening live. This and more in 130 pages, to the reader to share Katarina`s experience.

E-mag 8: Case Brandon 

In 120 pages, plenty of videos, transimages the paranormal voices, the reader will be able to share the first communication between the parents and a deceased boy. The couple spoke from San Diego via (software) zoom with Sonia Rinaldi – while she was recording all conversation. Surprising apparitions happened in California, in the couple’s room, live. Important to highlight that the ITC phenomena lived by the Brazilian researcher Sonia Rinaldi have been happening not only in her Lab but with the mother in the other end.
The little boy reply dozen questions and give advices to his loved parents.

E-mag 9: Case Girls Group 30

This e-mag is composed of 121 pages and show the 1st Collective test of images recording via ITC. So that Sonia Rinaldi could help American friends to contact their loved ones, she proposed to split the group of the deceased ones into Boys and girls. The girls totalized 9 young ladies and 3 old ladies.
All them appeared in beautiful transimages and some sent message to their moms. Lots of videos and hundred transimages compose the e-magazine.

E-mag 10: Case Boys Group 30

The group of boys and gentleman was bigger – composed of 12 teenagers and 3 men. The communication with all them generated this e-mag with 231 pages, dozen videos, audios and hundred transimages, including high quality transimages of those deceased ones.

For the first time the Superior Beings that supervision all ITC work to Earth appeared. They manifested producing phenomena (live) such as the manipulation of Light, as well as mixing their own images with the boys’ images.

E-mag 11: 1st Trans-Holography

In 62 pages, this e-mag shows the first apparition of beings in the light, what we can call of First Trans-holography ever. Using very simple devices the researcher Sonia Rinaldi gets surprising results, such as the apparition of beings in the light beam of a flashlight (torch).
All apparitions are carefully shown in video so that the reader may have a clear idea of the process.

E-mag:12: The Interdimensional Net Expands

85 pages composes the e-mag which brings the simultaneous interference of South and North Stations as well as the Commanders in action. This incredible scenario was completed with the Zoom connection between Sonia Rinaldi (in Brazil) and Karyn Jarvie (speaking from Australia). This mom lost her loved Emma at the age of 15 and it was surprising to listen Emma’s participation in the recording talking to her mom in perfect dialog. What is remarkable in this experience is that all known stations were interconnected (North, South and Commanders) with Brazil and Australia. Nearly 60 audio clips show the high quality of the transcontacts – in Portuguese and English.

E-mag:13: Post AREI Symposium

155 pages. This e-book finishes 2018 with thankfulness in our soul and the belief that 2019 will be as productive. It contains information about connections made in preparation for the symposium and activities after it, with many transimages of the children in the group of 30 and links to recordings of their voices.