The Divine Path We Are All Intended to Travel

From AREI president, R. Craig Hogan, PhD

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

The Hindu god Shiva is portrayed standing on the back of an Asur demon called Apasmara, representing ignorance. Shiva stands on Apasmara to keep the demon from overwhelming humanity with ignorance. But Shiva knows not to kill Apasmara, because there must be a balance of knowledge and ignorance in the world. The message is that we live in a world full of ignorance, but we are allowed to learn the secrets life. We are not intended to be ignorant. All we must do is avail ourselves of the knowledge freely given to us.

The searching, learning, and discovering we involve ourselves in are the plan for our lives. We must continue to be involved in groups sharing the truths about this life and the next. Our enlightenment and awakening are more than the activities that will result in more blissful lives. They are the plan for humankind. Shiva holds at bay the ignorance that could overwhelm us, while we can fulfill our destiny of learning the true nature of this life and the next. Learning the truths is the Divine path we all are intended to travel.

We must not sit by the wayside in ignorance. Join groups seeking the truth. Be open to all voices. Never stop seeking, learning, and growing.