Evidence Area 1: Direct Voice or Independent Voice Mediumship

In direct-voice or independent-voice mediumship audio recordings, individuals alive in the life after this life communicate orally with people still on earth. Those on earth accept such conversations as valid because they recognize the individual in spirit’s unique voice quality and personality as well as references to current events and reminiscences of past events in the people’s lives. Following is evidence from direct-voice or independent-voice mediumship that we do not die when our bodies die.

Annie and Dr. Dinshaw Nanji

Annie Nanji Speaking to Dr. Dinshaw Nanji

The Nanji recordings are evidence of the survival of consciousness. Chemistry professor Dr. Dinshaw Nanji communicated regularly with his wife, Annie Nanji, in spirit, through the mediumship of Leslie Flint. She spent much time unseen but close to Dr. Nanji as he went about his normal life activities, resulting in audio recordings of her comments about current events in Dr. Nanji’s life.

Dr. Nanji’s repeated trips to London and his conversations about intimacies only he and his wife would know demonstrate that Annie was alive, even though her body died in 1966. The recordings of Dr. Nanji’s conversations with Annie demonstrate that Annie had full control of her senses, that her memory was intact, and that she had the same personality and mental faculties.

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Michael Fearon

Michael Rodney Fearon Speaking to His Mother, Alice

In 1944, Michael Rodney Fearon was killed in World War II. His mother came to Leslie Flint and spoke to Michael repeatedly beginning in 1954. Three recordings of the conversations exist. The fact that Mrs. Fearon came repeatedly and had intimate conversations with her son is evidence that Michael continued to live after his body ceased to function.

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Douglas Conacher

Douglas Conacher Speaking to His Wife, Eira

Eira Conacher spoke in Leslie Flint sessions with her husband living in the life after this life, Douglas Conacher. The conversational quality of the sessions and her repeated visits are evidence she was certain she was conversing with her husband, whose body had died years before.

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Direct-Voice Medium Leslie Flint

David Cattanach Speaking to His Mother

A young man named David Cattanach, whose body died at age eighteen, made many visits to the Leslie Flint séances over a period of ten years, speaking with his mother at several of them.

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