Dr. H.C. Hans Otto König

Dr. H.C.Hans Otto König is a high-frequency physicist with extensive electroacoustic knowledge and a psychologist, who has developed electronic devices that communicate with Spirit Entities in other realms. Using his devices, he has united grieving people on the earth plane with their loved ones in spirit and has received advice about communicating with the devices from the Spirit Entities living in realms outside of earth’s space and time. The key to communication using the devices is what he calls “resonance.”

König began his pioneering work in recording voices of Spirit Entities in 1974. He soon learned he needed to depart from traditional methods of electronic voice recording and strike out on his own to develop electronic devices that would enable him to connect with Spirit Entities. Since then, he has been successful in connecting with Spirit Entities through five systems he invented:

The Multi-Oscillation System
The Television-Multi-Oscillation System
The Infrared System
The Hyperspace System (HRS)
The Universal Direction-System (UDS).

Report on the Experiment by Anna Maria Wauters

On May 7, 2016, H.C. Hans Otto König performed his fourth experiment with a fundamentally changed Universal Direction System (UDS). König explains that the UDS combines the qualities of all of his previous systems to enhance reception of spoken communication from people in the afterlife. He refined the system so a wider spectrum could be stabilized for a longer time. The UDS allows more Spirit Entities to be able to communicate.

During the fourth UDS recording experiment on May 7 in Moenchengladbach, Germany, König led a very harmonious group into the conditions necessary for communication with Spirit Entities. The atmosphere in the silent room was infused with a deeply harmonious feeling. Several participants said they felt the presence of invisible beings. Participants received many messages from the spirit world during the experiment.

The experience began with several meditations, during which participants achieved a high degree of deep relaxation. At about 4 p.m., König turned the system on. After 10 minutes of silence, the participants heard noises coming from the speakers; Spirit Entities were trying to establish a connection. Some participants reported feeling a cold, invisible presence next to them.

The participants then heard a voice: “We are trying to close a contact field to H. König. Can you hear me? I am here. Talk to me.” A few sentences were spoken in French. More words followed.

The connection took about 15 minutes. More, even longer sentences came through, most of them very clear and easy to understand. The Spiritual Entity speaking seemed to be far from the earth realm, referring to people on the earth as Irdenmenschen (Earthen men). The Spirit Entity said the earth plane has reached the point at which humankind will be set into a new state of consciousness. Through training, humankind will advance substantially in mind, spirit, and soul; even science will advance.

The Zentrale (Central Control) then provided Anna Wauters and König with six new frequencies for transmitting communication in the nanometer band so the infrared system can operate again.

At the end of the connection, they sent an energy-field for all participants, saying, “Listen! We’re sending you an energy-field of force, virtue and healing!”

The May 7 experiment taught us again that the Universe is inhabited by many entities in numerous realms other than the levels where people’s spirits or souls go after physical death. The entire Universe is permeated by Spirit, so theoretically speaking everyone could contact all the realms. However, to have contact with the other realms, we must be open to the connection and allow it to happen. Anyone having these connections will occasionally be confronted by experiences that exceed the person’s reasoning and ability to understand. People will experience the unexplainable and unbelievable, but we must endure not understanding until science has progressed to the point at which it is able to explain these extraordinary events.

There are many planets on which there are entities who want to connect with us to give us important information relevant to our lives and world situations. We still don’t know how they are able to communicate using the devices; even König doesn’t know how. However, we do know that the energy of the crystals is very important to the transmissions.

Anna Maria
In deep gratitude toward the Spirit World

Experiment Procedure

Before participating at the event, each participant prepared by participating in two preparatory seminars. The reason is that the energy and mental concentration of each participant are highly important during the contacting. The new UDS system has an extremely high sensitivity that requires the support of a homogeneous and harmonious group to result in successful recording. The success of the experiment will depend on each participant and on the energy of the whole group.

The number of participants was limited. Individuals participated only by prior-appointment.

Preparatory Seminars:

SO 07.02.2016 | 13 – 18 Uhr
SO 03.04.2016 | 13 – 18 Uhr

The Experiment:

SA 07.05.2016 | 13 -18 Uhr


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