Evidence Area 2: Materialization Mediumship

Materialization Medium
David Thompson

Sitters in séances with materialization mediums experience having people known to them materialize and address them directly. The sitters verify that the people materializing are the individuals they knew when they were in bodies on the earth plane. The statements by the people now in spirit demonstrate that they know the sitters personally and are aware of events that occurred after their bodies died, including very recent events.

David Thompson conducts séances in darkened rooms with direct voices and materializations of those in spirit in the presence of a variety of people with careful, rigid controls. These include inspections by more than one sitter, before the séances begin, of a gag across his mouth and zip ties binding his body to a chair. You can listen to descriptions of David Thompson’s séances verified by four witnesses and read four research articles about his séances at https://afterlifeinstitute.org/david/.

Nick Materializes and Speaks to Sarah

In one recorded séance with David Thompson, a man named Nick, whose body had died, materialized and spoke to Sarah, his beloved companion, who was among the sitters. Speaking using the ectoplasmic voice box is very difficult for people in spirit. They must impress their thoughts on it in a manner that results in audible words. Nick was not familiar with speaking through the ectoplasm, so he spoke in a whisper because he could not activate the ectoplasmic vocal cords. Sarah has graciously agreed to allow us to share her experience to demonstrate the reality of survival of consciousness.

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Sonia Rinaldi

Konstantin Raudive

During one of materialization medium David Thompson’s séances in 2014, Konstantin Raudive, whose body had been dead since 1974, materialized and spoke to Brazilian instrumental transcommunication researcher Sonia Rinaldi. In instrumental transcommunication, people whose bodies have died cause their voices to be recorded on audio recorders, their images to appear on televisions or monitors, or their images to appear on surfaces such as fabrics that are video recorded. In his message, Raudive revealed that he knew of Rinaldi’s current research and made a suggestion for improving it.

Konstantin Raudive materialized and stood before Sonia Rinaldi, speaking to her about her work using a technical explanation he knew would be helpful to her. He had been working with her in her instrumental transcommunication for several years. Sonia called him “Mr. German” because for a period of time she just heard a man with a German accent speaking to her, without knowing it was Raudive. His presence and fluent conversation about things current in Sonia’s life are evidence he lives on although his body has died, proving you will live on also when your body dies.

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Montague Keen

Montague Keen was a member of the Society for Psychical Research for fifty-five years. Principal investigator of the Scole Experimental Group, he died while giving a speech about the group at the Royal Society of Arts on January 15, 2004. On April 16, 2004, five months after his transition, Monty, as they called him, spoke for twenty minutes to a group of sitters in a David Thompson séance, including Sandra and Robin Foy, founders of the Scole Experimental Group, and afterlife researcher Guy Lyon Playfair.

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