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In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

What This Afterlife Connection Procedure Is

The Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure is a free training program provided by Seek Reality Online in our dedication to helping people relieve their grief by connecting with loved ones we know without a doubt are available and anxious to communicate. They’re ringing the phone. You just have to learn how to pick it up and listen.

The training will help you learn how to connect with someone you love. You will learn how to be more open to messages from your loved ones now living on another plane of life. To achieve this result, you must go through all the training stages, in the order in which they are presented, to learn the skills.

This training is not a one-time meditation you go through. It will teach you how to enter a state of mind in which afterlife connections can and do occur. They happen in 86% of the people who go through the training.

This Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure is given freely to humanity. If you are successful in making a connection or just want to support our efforts, please consider making a donation to Afterlife Research and Education, Inc.

The Goal for Your Training

The goal of the training is for you to learn how to enter the state of mind to connect with your loved one at any time, in any place. You won’t need the meditation music or guidance provided during the training. When you sense your loved one’s presence, you can quiet yourself and have a dialogue with them. When you need to feel they’re near or you need help, you can ask them to come to you and you can know their messages for you. You will listen to meditation music and a narration guiding you at first, but by Stage 7 in the training program, you will be able to enter the state of mind by yourself, with no help.

What You Can Expect from the Training

You will establish a new relationship or enhance an existing relationship with your loved one living in the realm next door. Your new relationship will stay strong until you are both again living in the same realm. You will connect often. Some people connect every day. Through the connections, you will live a fuller, richer life, and your loved ones will help you learn during your time in earth school. This is what one person wrote in her journal about her Self-Guided Afterlife Connection experiences:

It is like I am learning soul stuff and what I need to realize as a soul so that I can make the most of my time here. It is like my family on the other side is helping me as much or more then when they were here. It is amazing. It really felt like my sister only much more loving and I feel like I know who she is more then I did when she was here.

Psychological Conditions You Must Not Have

As with any other procedure that involves working with the mind, you will have to evaluate whether your mind is healthy enough to open up memories. It’s much like the caveat given to people who begin an exercise program. Make sure you’re healthy enough to engage in strenuous exercise. In the same way, you must decide you have nothing in your past that might come out while you’re opening yourself up to communication.

These are the conditions you must evaluate before going through the procedure:

  1. If you are in counseling or psychiatric treatment for any disorders, you must discuss the procedure with your counselor or psychiatrist who agrees the program will not be harmful to you. If you are in counseling and have not talked over the procedure with your counselor, don’t go through the procedure.
  2. Don’t go through the procedure if you have psychoses, childhood traumas, history of abuse, or post-traumatic stress disorder that have not been resolved. The procedure is too new for us to know whether it will bring any problems to the surface.
  3. Don’t go through the procedure if you had a stressful, abusive, or otherwise unhealthy relationship with the person you want to connect with. If you had any problems that might surface, don’t go through this procedure alone. We strongly suggest you schedule sessions with a trained Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy psychotherapist. Those on the other side who come through are often willing and anxious to help in the experiencer’s psychotherapy by clarifying things that happened during childhood. But you need to have a state-licensed psychotherapist available to help you when problems surface.

The Registration Form

More information about the training follows. You may read it or go directly to the registration form. When you fill out the form, you will be agreeing to the conditions for using the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure. If you have already filled out the registration form, click on the button with “Access the Training.”

Link to the Registration Form
Access the Training

Validations of the Reality of the Connections

Most experiecers will tell you that what they experienced when they had a connection was unexpected and uplifting. That is a real validation. If the experiencer didn’t intend for some event, image, or message to come, then it unfolded from a source outside of them, often their loved one.

However, we also have journal recordings of many sessions in which the experiencer learned things he or she couldn’t have known, and they are later validated to be true. You can read about some of them at this link.

Validations of the Procedure

Research Report on the Procedure

A study of the first 22 people who used the procedure is available. The research report in Acrobat contains excerpts from participants’ journals describing their afterlife connections.

Read the article

Explanations of Self-guided Afterlife Connections and More Journals

More detailed explanations of Self-guided Afterlife Connections, used by anyone by who logs onto this website, are available at afterlifeconnections.org. More journal entries from participants who have had Self-guided Afterlife Connections are also available there.

More Explanations and More Journal Accounts

The Sanctity of the Connections

The focus of AREI activities is always, foremost, on the individual person and the sanctity of the connections with loved ones. You are striving to have an experience that will be uplifting and life-changing for you. We honor the sanctity of that sacred experience. While we do have procedures to follow, we want to emphasize that if you go through the experiences, your connection, growth in understanding your eternal nature, and reduction in your grief are paramount.

What to Expect

Not everyone will be able to make the connection through these methods. You will be able to communicate in some way, but it may not be through mental work. Your loved one will try to connect in other ways if these aren’t workable. You might have a session with a mental medium, or you may notice that lights go on and off at times meaningful to you and your loved one, or a song meaningful to you and your loved one may come on the radio at special times. You must learn to accept communication in all forms, without doubts, and thank them for coming to you. Hopefully, the procedure you’ll be going through will be one of the ways you can connect.

The procedure isn’t simply a one-time experience. It is intended to teach you how to make the connections and enhance your experience by learning to become better at using it. As such, the process of learning to use the procedure is a training program. You will have to be patient with the process and have the conviction that your loved one wants to communicate and is working at it on his or her side of life as strongly as you’re working at it on this side. It may take time to get the conditions right to have a meeting of your minds. Be patient.

Strong Grief and Negative Emotions

There are also conditions or feelings that won’t create problems for you, but may reduce or eliminate your chances of success. Just be aware that you might not be ready, but you may be ready at a later time.

The most limiting conditions are profound grief and negative emotions such as guilt and anger. You will always grieve, but your grief must be at a point at which it isn’t so deep you aren’t functioning well. It shouldn’t still be mixed up with anger, guilt, and other emotions that affected you so strongly in the months right after the passing. You’ll know if your grief is too great if you break down often while you’re trying to go through the procedure. For some people, it likely will take at least a year after the passing to engage in these experiences.

However, you decide whether you’re able to spend time focusing on your loved one and reliving memories. If that causes such grief that you are really disturbed after the session, wait until your grief has stabilized.

When to Stop the Procedure

You decide whether your grief is stabilized enough that you can go through the procedure. During the procedure, if they are extremely disturbing for you or give you more grief after a session, stop. You’re not ready yet.

Whether you stop the process when you feel grief depends on your mental condition. If you have feelings of suicide or the grief leads you into a long-term depression or the grief brings up images of trauma or other disturbing images, then stop. You must take care of those feelings before going on. That means you need to be working with a psychotherapist. This procedure is not good if it leads you into psychological difficulties, and we can’t be responsible for anything that happens to you.

Fill Out the Registration Form

If you have not filled out the registration form, please do so now so you can continue to the training.

Link to the Registration Form

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